Norse Buildings

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Military Buildings

Temple – Archaic Age
Trains mythological units and hersir. Relics gathered by Norse hersir can also be placed here to utilize their unique bonuses. Some technologies unique to minor gods are researched from the temple, but most are researched from the building they are appropriate to – for example a technology benefiting infantry would be researched from the Longhouse.

The temple is the prerequisite for advancing to the Classical Age.

Units trained here:
I Hersir
II-IV Mythological units

Researched here:
II-IV Improvements to myth units

Longhouse – Classical Age
Trains and improves basic military units.

Units trained here:
II Ulfsark
II Throwing Axeman
II Raiding Cavalry
II Hersir

Researched here:
II-IV Infantry improvements
II-IV Cavalry improvements

Hill Fort – Heroic Age
Trains and improves specialized norse units. Also a defensive tool, as it attacks enemies within range and allow friendly units to take refuge inside, but is much weaker than the Egyptian Migdol or Greek Fortress. Costs favor to build.

Units trained here:
III Portable Ram
III Huskarl
III Jarl
IV Ballista

Researched here:
III-IV Infantry improvements
III-IV Cavalry improvements
III-IV Siege weapon improvements

Dock – Archaic Age
Trains and improve naval units. Fishing boats drop food gathered here, and can also be garrisoned at any time. Naval mythological units are also trained at the dock. The dock must be built on a suitable coastline.

Units trained here:
I Fishing Boat
II Transport
II Longboat (Arrow Ship)
III Drakkar (Ramming Ship)
III Dragon Boat (Siege Ship)

Researched here:
II-III Fishing improvements
III-IV Warship improvements

Sentry Tower – Archaic Age
Sentry towers are the most basic upgrade level of defensive towers in AoM. They cannot attack until they are upgraded into Watch towers in the classical age, however units can still garrison inside.

Researched here:
I-III Tower & building improvements
II Watch Tower upgrade

Watch Tower – Classical Age
Towers have the ability to fire arrows at enemy attackers, and allow foot units to take refuge inside. The Norse cannot upgrade their towers beyond watch towers.

Researched here:
II-III Tower & building improvements

Wall / Gate – Archaic Age onward
Walls prevent enemy passage through a part of the map. They can be upgraded to make them harder to destroy.

Researched here:
II Stone Wall upgrade

Economic Buildings

Town Center – Archaic Age
Trains economic units and ulfsarks; allows gatherers/dwarves to add resources to your stockpile. The Town Center fires arrows at attackers that come within range, and units may take refuge inside from enemy units. Town Centers support 15 population, which can be increased to 20 by researching the Fortified Town Center upgrade. You can only build one Town Center until you reach the Heroic age.

Units trained here:
I Gatherer
I Dwarf
I Ox Cart
I Ulfsark

Researched here:
III Fortified Town Center upgrade
III-IV Building HP upgrades

Unlike in AoE and AoK, Town Centers cannot be built anywhere on the map, but only on locations called ‘settlements’. A normal map generates two settlements per player, plus the one you start on.

Armory – Classical Age
Provides technologies that improve the hack armor, pierce armor and attack of all human units.

The armory is the prerequisite for advancing to the Heroic Age.

Researched here:
II-IV Attack upgrades
II-IV Hack armor upgrades
II-IV Pierce armor upgrades

Dwarven Foundry – Archaic Age
Thor can research all armory upgrades right from the start of the game, including an extra fourth tier of technologies improving Attack, Hack and Pierce Armor.

Like the regular armory, for Thor the Dwarven Foundry is the prerequisite for advancing to the Heroic Age.

Researched here:
I-III Attack upgrades
I-III Hack armor upgrades
I-III Pierce armor upgrades
IV Three technologies unique to Thor improving attack, hack armor and pierce armor

Market – Heroic Age
Allows a player to sell and buy food and wood in exchange for gold. Players can also gain gold by sending Caravans to travel to a Town Center.

The market is the prerequisite for advancing to the Mythic Age.

Units trained here:
III Caravan

Researched here:
III-IV Economic improvements

Ox Cart – Archaic Age
Not actually a building, the Ox Cart fulfils the role of the Egyptian and Greek resource drop points. It allows villagers to add food, lumber and gold to your stockpile, and researches improvements to gathering these three resources.

Researched here:
I-IV Improvements to food gathering
I-III Improvements to wood gathering
I-III Improvements to gold gathering

Farm – Classical Age
Provides an infinite source of food for when other sources such as hunting or foraging have run out, however farming is slower than other food sources and expensive to set up.

House – Archaic Age
Houses increase your population cap by 10 slots. You can only build 10 houses…beyond that if you want to support more population, you must build more town centers.

Norse Wonders

A Wonder is the epitome of a civilization’s achievements, a representation of their power and glory. Wonders function in the same way as previous age games. They are large and expensive structures that take a long time to build, and when completed, a countdown is started. If the wonder is not destroyed before the countdown finishes, the owner’s team wins the game.

Wonder – Mythic Age
This wonder is constructed by the worshippers of Odin.

Wonder – Mythic Age
This wonder is constructed by the worshippers of Thor.

Wonder – Mythic Age
This wonder is constructed by the worshippers of Loki.

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