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After thirteen long years, Age of Mythology has been blessed with a new expansion pack: Tale Of The Dragon!
This has been created by the ForgottenEmpires team, with the help of some well known forumers here at AoMH! The ForgottenEmpires team has produced DLC for other Age of games too. A new civilization has been created for us to enjoy: The Chinese.

The expansion pack features a brand new campaign, a new fully fleshed out civilization (The Chinese) and some changes to the original game as well.

Listed below, you will find the features of the new Expansion Pack, (known as AoMY or AoM:TotD, respectively), screenshots, information on the new culture: The Chineses, and even in-depth reports on certain features of the Y-Pack. We'll be adding a lot more features such as screenshots and walkthroughs written by our forumers once they have had time to get to grips with the game as well as updates to existing sections as we learn more.

Features & Changes Features & Changes
Want to know exactly what was changed from the old civilizations with the AoMY? All important key changes are discussed here.

New Random Maps New Random Maps
This section is coming soon.

The Chinese The Chinese Gods
If you would like to read about the culture and gods of the Chineses in AoM, come here.

Chinese Units Chinese Units
This section discusses the Chinese units in detail, (including unit statistics, unit costs, etc.).

Chinese Buildings Chinese Buildings
A list of each building available in AoMY, its technologies and units is available here.

Chinese God Powers Chinese God Powers
If you would like to know which God Powers are in AoMY, this section may be valuable to you.