Chinese God Powers

This section discusses, in detail, all the new God Powers available for Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon Expansion Pack.
This section will be updated as new strategies emerge for the expansion. Head over to the forums to discuss your ideas!

Archaic Age God Powers

Year of the goat – Fu Xi
Spawns up to twelve goats.

Using Year of the goat:
This god power changes depending on what age you are currently in. It will spawn three goats in the Archaic age, five in the Classical age, eigth in the Heroic age and finally twelve in the Mythic age. Each goat starts with 100 food. If this power is saved to the mythic age you will receive enough free food to train a sizeable army – this power obviously works very well on maps where food is scarce.

Recreation – Nu Wa
Revives fallen villagers.

Using Recreation:
This god power works on up to three recently deceased villagers. It is ideal to make a recovery after an enemy raid.

Timber Harvest – Shennong
Makes all your villagers gather wood faster.

Using Timber Harvest:
For 50 seconds, this god power increases the rate your villagers gather wood by 80%.

Classical Age God Powers

Call to Arms – Huang Di (Fu Xi, Nu Wa)
Target a group of human units to fill their ranks.

Using Call to Arms:
This god power is similar to Great Hunt used by Odin, except instead of cloning herdable animals, it clones your human soldiers.

It will duplicate up to a maximum of five human units and one myth unit.

Great Journey – Sun Wukong (Fu Xi, Shennong)
Temporarily increases your units speed.

Using Great Journey:
With the new giant map type this power may prove to be very useful. You can defend your base until full population, use this power and then attack an enemy with your full army.

Barrage – Chang’e (Nu Wa, Shennong)
Target an area to call down a barrage of arrows.

Using Barrage:
Over a period of 10 seconds multiple volleys of arrows rain down on the targeted area, each doing around 500 damage per volley.

Heroic Age God Powers

Examination – Dabo Gong (Fu Xi, Nu Wa)
Temporarily constructus buildings and trains units faster.

Using Examination:
This is a pretty straightforward god power. It can be used to quickly build up offensive or defensive structures.

Uproot – Zuong Kui (Fu Xi, Shennong)
Vile roots spring from the ground to attack enemy buildings.

Using Uproot:
The roots are actually very strong, and are capable of seriously damaging most buildings if they are not stopped.

Geyser – He Bo (Nu Wa, Shennong)
Generates a field of geysers.

Using Geyser:
The geysers explode when enemy units tread near them, shooting them up into the air on a stream of superheated water.

Mythic Age God Powers

Tsunami – Ao Kuang (Fu Xi, Shennong)
Floods the targeted area, doing damage to buildings and units alike.

Using Tsunami:
To change the direction of the tsunami, use the mousewheel. It will follow the indicator arrows. Tsunami travels a very long way and can quite easily run into multiple player’s bases on larger maps. Plan your direction carefully.

Inferno – Chongli (Fu Xi, Nu Wa)
A raging inferno lays waste to an enemy base.

Using Inferno:
Pulsating rings of fire set enemy units and buildings on fire, this god power does a lot of damage so is best used on bases where the buildings are tighly packed.

Earth Dragon – Xi Wangmu (Nu Wa, Shennong)
Summons the mighty Earth Dragon.

Using Earth Dragon:
The Earth Dragon is a stationary yet deadly myth unit, and will last until it is killed.
Earth Dragon can be used twice and has a five minute cooldown.