The Chinese Gods: Fu Xi

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Fu Xi

Archaic Age

Special Bonus:

  • Is able to use blessed construction on a buildings foundations to decrease the time it takes to complete the building by a factor of three at a cost of 25% of the building cost.


  • Buildings cost less wood.
  • Can train all eight immortal units from the archaic age.
  • Unit line upgrades cheaper.

God Power: Year of the Goat. A power similar to dwarven mine that spawns a number of goats. The number depends on the age the player uses the power in.

Technology: Channels Ability. +20% Villager Speed.

Huang Di

Classical Age

God Power: Call to arms. Target you units to increase their numbers.
Myth Unit: Terracotta Warrior. A cheap myth unit that excels in high numbers and expels damaging dust once killed.

Sun Wukong

Classical Age

God Power: Great Journey. Temporarily increases the speed of all units.
Myth Unit: Monkey King. A large monkey with a strong area based stun.

Dabo Gong

Heroic Age

God Power: Examination. Allows your villagers to temporarily build faster.
Myth Unit: Pixiu. A lion like unit that generates gold as it fights.

Zhong Kui

Heroic Age

God Power: Uproot. Spawns vile roots that attack enemy structures.
Myth Unit: Jianshi. An undead unit that drains the life out of the living.

Ao Kuang

Mythic Age

God Power: Tsunami. Summons a devastating wave to lay waste to a large area.
Myth Unit: Azure Dragon. A ferocious dragon.
Myth Unit: Black Tortoise. A large fire breathing turtle.


Mythic Age

God Power: Inferno. Units and buildings are incinerated together.
Myth Unit: Vermillion Bird. A beautiful bird that breathes fire on enemies.

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