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The 5th and final culture in AoM, The Chinese, adds a whole new theme and flavor to the game. In some ways, you could say that they’re mixtures of the 3 original civilizations, but in a few key areas they are completely different.


From the archaid age, Immortals can be trained from the town centre. You can train up to eight Immortals as you advance through the ages. Immortals are a unique unit as they have both a ranged and melee attack!

Another Chinese hero unit is the monk. Trained from the temple, the monk can convert enemy human units to your side as well as healing your own units.


The Chinese gain favor by building gardens. You can only construct one at a time, and the cost of building gardens increases each time one is built. The garden can also be made to generate any other resource instead of favor, by clicking on the garden and toggling the resource production.
The starting cost is 35 of each resource, increasing to a maximum of 75.


The Chinese recieve a Titan called “Pangu”, a neanderthal looking Titan with horns and a dragon tattoo on his back.

Starting Conditions

The Chinese begin with three peasants, two scouts, 175 food, 300 wood and 100 gold.

The Chinese scouts have a small line of sight, however starting with two will allow potentially faster scouting of the map in the early game.

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