The Chinese Gods: Shennong

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Archaic Age

Special Bonus:

  • Monks can convert enemy myth units.


  • Monks heal faster
  • Seige weapons deal more damage
  • Wall upgrades cheaper

God Power: Timber Harvest. Temprarily increases wood gather rate.

Technology: Wheelbarrow. Allows Peasants to carry more resources.

Huang Di

Classical Age

God Power: Call to arms. Target you units to increase their numbers.
Myth Unit: Terracotta Warrior. A cheap myth unit that excels in high numbers and expels damaging dust once killed.


Classical Age

God Power: Barrage. Arrows rain down upon a small area.
Myth Unit: Qilin. A beast that is immune to most special attacks and heals units upon death.

He Bo

Heroic Age

God Power: Geysir. Spawns geysirs across an area that erupt when enemies tread near.
Myth Unit: War Salamander. An amphibious myth unit.

Zhong Kui

Heroic Age

God Power: Uproot. Spawns vile roots that attack enemy structures.
Myth Unit: Jianshi. An undead unit that drains the life out of the living.

Ao Kuang

Mythic Age

God Power: Tsunami. Summons a devastating wave to lay waste to a large area.
Myth Unit: Azure Dragon. A ferocious dragon.
Myth Unit: Black Tortoise. A large fire breathing turtle.

Xi Wangmu

Mythic Age

God Power: Earth Dragon. Summons the immobile but fearsome Earth Dragon.
Myth Unit: White Tiger. A strong myth unit that leaps into combat.

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