What’s New?

Here is a summary of the most important changes for Tale of the Dragon:

Existing Civilizations

New Units – Each of the old four civilizations has been granted a new unit!

A Greek unit trainable from the temple from the Heroic age, which can heal friendly units.

Khopesh Swordsman
A fast Egyptian swordsman.

The Norse have been in need of another ranged unit, and this is the solution. The Norse have become more powerful against flying units.

A strong siege boost to the Atlanteans, the onager has a longer range than the fire siphon but is not as strong.


Giant maps – This addition allows vast maps of up to 650×650 to be created. This new map mode adds new depth to the game, as it now takes considerably longer for your forces to reach the enemy (who may even be able to counter them when you arrive).

Regicide Map – A new random map ‘Regicide’ reintroduces the much loved game mode from AoK. Each player has a king unit, that if killed causes instant defeat for that player. I’m sure many of you are already thinking back to fond memories of this map on AoK – it will be awesome to see some recorded games from you on AoMY!

New Campaign

The Tale of the Dragon Campaign – Ten new campaign scenarios for your pleasure. They have been brought to life by some of the top designers at AoMH – including Milkman Matty, Yeebaagooon and Zenophobia!

Scenario Editor

  • ‘NoneAI’ option. Also can be selected in multiplayer lobbies. It’s something for designers at least.
  • New special effects.

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