Our interview collection lists past and present interrogations of influential members of the Age of Mythology community, including the developers of the game. Please note that over the years websites have taken interviews offline, so many interviews once available are now gone.

Bruce Shelley

January 28, 2002@Zone – In this chat transcript, the big man himself, Bruce, answers questions from fans about the game. There are a few good glimpses into the game’s design amongst the many many questions.

May 18, 2002@Zone – Second chat with Bruce Shelley.

Ian Fischer

August 10, 2001@AOM Heaven – We interrogate Ian Fischer, AoM’s Lead Designer, on how he found his great job, misconceptions about AoM and more.

Rob Fermier & Jerome Jones

August 19, 2002@XGR – XGR Live Radio interview broadcasted over Sports Talk 980’s. Interview transcript provided by Tartarus.

Wally Wachi

October 3, 2003@AoMH – We talk to The Titans’ lead producer, Wally Wachi, and ask him questions ranging to the deveopment of the expansion pack to his history with gaming.