Random Maps

Here you can find pictures and descriptions of the maps in Age of Mythology. Some revisit concepts from maps and game modes of previous Age games, and some are completely new.

On Acropolis, each player starts on a small plateau with some starting resources. While it’s easy to wall up the exit from the plateau, you’ll need to venture beyond once your starting resources run out.

The dark home of the elves is covered with large forests and mountain ranges, making the map easy to defend from an enemy. Plenty of hunting can be found on this map if you are willing to venture further from home.

The cold desert of Anatolia is crisscrossed with mountains, and has oceans lining its sides. There is some fishing to be had, but not much. The canyons of Anatolia sometimes hide extra gold piles.

Archipelago is an unpredictable map at best. You may find all your allies on one island, you may find yourself on and island with an enemy, or may find everyone starts on their own separate islands. There is plenty of fishing to be found on archipelago, and small islands can be colonised for bonus resources.

Impassable rivers of molten fire separate players as they battle in the underworld. Each player has a single crossing through the lava to each adjacent player, which can be walled off. The only food to be found on this desolate map are boars, but these are plentiful. Neutral shades and serpents may attack villagers that stray too far from the safety of your town.

Ghost Lake
The frozen lake that gives this map its name covers the center of the map makes it impossible to build there. Players must expand around the edges of the map instead of clustering their town in one location, and it is harder to defend from attacks. Goats may be found on the icy lake though, and herded back to the player’s town.

Jotunheim is the ultimate defensive map. Players start surrounded by cliffs, with a single gap to other players’ towns that can be easily walled. The cliffs offer no protection against flying units or god powers however.

King of the Hill
This map is much like the game mode in Age of Kings. At the center of the map is a Plenty vault that can be taken control of by any player once you defeat the neutral units guarding it. The player who controls it not only gains a constant flow of resources from the plenty vault, but starts a countdown. If the countdown finishes with the player still controlling the vault, they win.

Mediterranean is pretty much the same map as in Age of Kings. The central areas of the map are taken up by a huge lake, and players must expand (and fight) around its sides. Fishing is plentiful, but it will be easy for other players to strike at you from the seas.

The snowy map of midgard is a great continent, surrounded on all sides by seas. This map has little hunting, but the seas have plenty of fishing to supply you with food.

On Nomad, you start with no town center. Instead, your villagers can scout around the map and you can pick any settlement to start on. To make it harder to take someone out of the game early, Nomad starts with a ceasefire in effect – no combat or god power use can take place in the first few minutes.

On this desert map, wood is scarce except for the forests that grow around the oases that cover the central areas of the map.

River Nile
On this desert map, teams start on opposites sides of a river that spans the map’s width. To actually fight your enemies, you must cross the river somehow.

Animals of all types can be found on Savannah, providing plentiful hunting. However the open map provides little defensive opportunities, and many paths of attack.

Sea of Worms
Sea of Worms is an unusual map. A sea with plentiful fishing fills one corner of the map, arranging players in a ‘part circle’ around it. In addition on Sea of Worms, instead of starting the game with sentry towers, players start with the fortress of their civilization – Fortress for Greeks, Migdol Stronghold for Egyptians, and Hill Fort for Norse.

Sudden Death
Sudden death is the successor to the regicide game mode in AoK…except you don’t have a king to defend this time. In Sudden Death, you must defend the Citadel you start with. If it should be destroyed, you are knocked out of the game.

Team Migration
From what we know, Team Migration is essentially the same as migration in AoK. Each player starts on a small island with only a small amount of resources. To capture new resources, they must sail to the continent in the center of the map and fight other players off to gain new riches.

The Unknown
Much like The Conquerors map of the same name, the player has to take their chances with The Unknown. It produces greatly different maps at random.

Valley of the Kings
Members of the same team start very close together in Valley of the Kings, and enemies are at opposites ends to one another. While each player has a small amount of starting gold, the rest is guarded by neutral strongholds and bandits in the central areas of the map.

Each player starts on a tiny island, with only a small gold mine, a few trees and berry bushes to begin their ascent to power. However, also starting with a transport, they can set out to the large continent in search of new resources and settlements, but neutral skraelings may attack unwary villagers.

Watering Hole
Criscrossed with a tangle of paths, Watering Hole has plentiful hunting from the variety of animals that come to drink from its waters, but no other food sources like berries or chickens.