Age of Mythology Previews

Here you can find links to all the previews that kept us salivating over the long months of AoM’s development. Keep in mind older previews mention concepts that were dropped or changed, so if confused, it pays to check the date of the preview you are reading.

Age of Mythology: The Titans Previews

GameBiz preview10-6-03
GameBiz preview10-6-03
Loaded Inc. preview9-30-03
GameOver preview9-29-03
Age of Mythology Revolution preview9-26-03
Worthplaying preview9-23-03
ZenGamer preview9-22-03
Gaming Nexus preview9-21-03
ActionTrip Revisits AoMX9-18-03
Gamespy’s September preview9-17-03
GameZone preview9-16-03
Gamers Depot preview9-15-03
Entertainment Depot preview9-11-03
All Game Guide preview9-10-03
Gamespot Civ Showcase: Oranos9-10-03
HomelanFed preview9-9-03 preview9-1-03
GamersDomain preview8-22-03
Eurogamer preview8-16-03
Gamespot Civ Showcase: Kronos7-30-03
IGN Revisits AoMX7-24-03
Gamespy Revisits AoMX7-24-03
Gamespot Revisits AoMX7-23-03
Gamespot Civ Showcase: Gaia6-28-03
IGN preview5-17-03
ActionTrip preview5-16-03
Gamespot preview5-16-03
Gamespy preview5-15-03

Age of Mythology Reviews

WarGamer preview10-11-02
Gamer’s Temple Single Player hands on10-7-02
Loaded Inc preview10-5-02
3DAvenue preview10-4-02
PCGameworld preview 210-3-02
Gamespy preview10-3-02
HomeLAN Fed preview10-2-02
MGON preview10-1-02
Gamespot Civ Showcase: Loki9-27-02
Maps of Mythology – IGN Preview9-27-02
Gamer’s Pulse Preview9-27-02
Gamespy Designer Diary 49-27-02 Preview9-24-02
Balancing God Powers – IGN preview9-20-02
GamePlanetNZ Impressions9-17-02
Gamer’s Temple Preview9-16-02
VGM Fusion Preview9-10-02
CVG Preview9-10-02
Gamespy Designer Diary 39-5-02
Of Men, Monsters and Machines 2 – IGN preview9-3-02
PCGameworld Preview9-2-02
Gamespot Civ Showcase: Isis8-30-02
IGN hands on8-30-02
Of Men, Monsters and Machines 1 – IGN preview8-16-02
Gamespot Civ Showcase: Hades8-6-02
Ogresnet preview8-3-02
GameSpot Civ Showcase: Odin7-5-02

GameSpot Civ Showcase: Set

AoM Heaven E3 hands-on5-30-02 Preview5-28-02
GameSpy’s E3 AOM Update5-28-02
GameFirst Preview5-28-02
GameSpot Civ Showcase: Poseidon5-3-02
Computer Gaming Magazine Preview5-1-02
GameSpot Civ Showcase: Thor4-5-02
GameSpy Hands On Preview3-28-02
AoM Heaven: A visit to Ensemble Studios3-16-02
GameSpot Civ Showcase: Ra3-15-02
Games Domain Preview3-13-02
Firing Squad Preview3-8-02
XGR Preview3-5-02
UGO Preview3-2-02
IGN Updated Preview3-27-02
GameSpot Civ Showcase: Zeus2-8-02
GameSpy – Pre-Game Cinematic Features2-21-02
IGN Developer Diary #12-15-02
IGN’s Age of Mythology Preview12-4-01
AoM Heaven E3 Preview5-30-01
AoM Heaven E3 Quick Take5-25-01
PC Gameplay’s AoM Preview5-26-01
Game First’s Age of Mythology Preview5-26-01
GameSpy’s Age of Mythology Preview Part II5-25-01
GameSpy’s Age of Mythology Preview Part I5-19-01
The Gamer’s Temple First Impressions5-19-01
GameSpot’s Age of Mythology Preview5-14-01