AOMH Review Guidelines

General Guidelines

All reviews serve a double purpose, they are not just written for the scenario designer, but also for anyone who is considering downloading the file. Obviously don’t give away the plot or reveal secrets that should be discovered while playing, that just ruins it for everyone else. Instead let the downloader know what the scenario is about, for instance the genre, whether it’s a fighting, RPG, puzzle scenario etcetera. However don’t forget to let the author know your point of view and your opinion on the scenario. This should never be offensive in anyway and you should never, NEVER insult a designer.

All scenarios have good aspects and bad aspects, but even if you are handing out a score of 1.0, you still never insult the designer. This does not mean you cannot say anything negative, however, as one should be honest about the scenario but make every effort to encourage the designer to do better next time. Reviews need to praise the designer for things that are done well and point out areas where the designer can improve. Make sure you are clear about your opinions though and avoid vague statements in your reviews.

Don’t ever say something like “The first part of the 2nd scenario was good” or “the part with the wolf could be improved” without providing further explanation. If you are pointing out something to the designer that you feel could be improved, try to include an example from the scenario to back up the points you make. Do as much as you can to help the designer improve his work. In saying that, improve your own work by using a spell checker.

Always spell check your reviews. There are too many reviews that take off points for poor spelling yet the review itself is full of errors. Don’t embarrass yourself – spell check your work, it’s not hard to copy & paste into word.

Your review must contain reasoning for your rating that you have given. This does not need to be over-lengthy, but don’t just use a sentence for each category and expect the author to learn anything from what you have said. A minimum of 3 lines is needed for each category; this ensures that you have at least put thought into your review and provided substantial reasoning.

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These new review guidelines were written by Khan&Steak, with help from Yeebaagooon and Skarr.