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Welcome to the Age of Mythology The Titans Scenario Designing Library. From the basics to the advanced tricks you can implement with the AOM editor, this is your one-stop guide to create a qulaity scenario, random map or a mod. To visit the AOM Scenario Design Library with articles only for AOM, please go here

If you are completely new to the world of scenario designing a good place to start would be the Scenario Design Dictionary which lists some common terms used in designing scenarios. Got a question that you just can't seem to find an answer to? Check out the FAQ

Scenario Design Library Articles (77 total)

16 Articles
Scenario Editor: The Basics

This is the perfect place to start for the people who are new with the AOM editor. Learn the basics of scenario design.
25 Articles
Scenario Editor: Advanced

Once you know the basics, learn advanced tricks and design concepts to help you create more powerful and dynamic scenarios or campaigns.
5 Articles
Map Design

Eye Candy and Map Design, the golden bits and peices of scenario design. Check out the latest and most awesome tricks you can make with the AOM Editor in the Map Design article section.
9 Articles
Random Map Scripting (RMS)

RMS, or Random Map Scripting, in AOM is the art of creating Random Map script files for AOM. Learn about RMS and how to make your own Random Maps here.
11 Articles
Modifications (Modding)

Ever want to change something in AOM and craft it to your own liking? Now you can, the Modding Article Library will teach you how to make your own mods and tools to AOM.
13 Articles
Scenario Designer Biogaphies

This community-spawned section gives an in-depth look at the designers behind the scenarios you've played and love, by means of autobiographical articles in our forums created by the designers themselves. Learn how hard work pays off and what it means to be a scenario designer by clicking the above link.
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Tips & Tricks List

Here is a list of most known tricks you can do on the AOM/AOM Titans editor.

To visit the AOM Scenario Design Library with articles only for AOM, please go Here.

Want to submit an article of your own to the Scenario Design Library? Send your articles in .txt attachments to Include your forum name (alias) and any notes you would have on your article. Only quality articles will be posted!