Scenario Design Library: Advanced

Welcome to the Advanced section of the Scenario Design Library. This section contains information on the harder but more powerful tricks and concepts constructable through the Age of Mythology Scenario Editor. Here you will learn the specifics of how to complete a campaign or massive scenario.

Articles Under this Section:

Floating buildings guide by Yeebaagooon – 25/8/20
After winning the 2020 mini adventure competition with a stunning entry – Yeebaagooon explains just how he got those buildings to float in thin air and have units run across bridges.

Making your own icons guide by Mephiles – 30/07/09
Mephiles thoroughly explains all the steps you need to go through to create your own custom AOM icons.

A complete guide to the transform trigger by nottud – 31/12/08
nottud, creator of one of the most useful triggers; the transform trigger, explains what possibilities can be unlocked with this great trigger.

Yeebaagooon’s Cinematic Guide by Yeebaagooon – 9/3/08
Yeebaagooon explains in great detail how to make good cinematics. This is a good read for new and experienced designers.

Yeebaagooon’s Guide to making God Powers! by Yeebaagooon – 7/22/07
Yeebaagooon has produced a very lengthy guide on god powers. This guide will tell you the basics and some really advanced tricks.

Play custom movies guide by The_Vandhaal – 9/22/07
The_Vandhaal tells us the secret to get custom movies to play in scenarios using the ‘play movie’ effect.

Ships on land guide by nottud – 9/22/07
nottud explains how to make ships travel on land.

Extreme Positive and Negative Elevation by Nottud – 5/09/07
How to make extremely high and low elevation.

Forest Glow by Nottud – 12/28/06
When a unit walks through a forest, the trees are replaced by glowing objects, then turn back into trees

Different Cinematic for Each Player (Online) by Nottud – 10/02/06
You can show a different cinimatic to every player thats in a game, here’s how!

How to remove the Decimals in Quest Vars by Phoenixx86 – 7/28/06
Phoenixx86 demonstrates a way he figured out to remove the excess decimals in Quest Var effects.

Cinematic Blocks & Invisible Objects by Auron – 5/14/06
Auron explains all the invisible objects in the AoM editor, and how to use each one.

Advanced Elevations by Nottud – 5/13/06
Nottud explains how to make extremely high and low elevations in the AoM editor.

A guide for infinite levels and few triggers for skills in RPGs by greyshark – 8/5/05
greyshark explains how to make infinite levels for your RPGs.

Quest Var Randomize by Auron – 11/30/04
Auron explains how to correctly use the Quest Var Randomize on the AoM editor

Higher Elevation Guide by Auron – 11/29/04
Auron created a nice guide explaining how to get a higher elevation than allowed by default on the AoM editor

AI Scripting Guide by NeoSoft_Studios – 5/13/04
NeoSoft_Studios explains, step by step, how to make your custom AI in Age of Mythology

Advanced Cinematics Guide by CheeZy monkey – 3/02/04
Increase your cinematic skillz with the help of this article and the included example scenario.

MU and Hero Special Attacks by jonathan1222 – 2/08/04
Ever want to have MU do special attacks of your choosing? Its possible for units with special attacks and units without special attacks. Read on to learn how.

Proper Playtesting by The Bard – 2/08/04
The Bard talks about proper techniques to playtest your scenario; not only to get rid of bugs but also to evaluate situations that the player might be in.

Creating Relics through Triggers by Halo – 12/15/03
You can create your own “unique” relics through a combination of trigger sequences. Learn how in Halo’s article here.

Formatting Text by mastermike707 – 12/15/03
Learn to make bold, italicized, colored, and underlined text in AoM messages displayed through triggers.

Quest Var Guide by xLpx – 11/12/03
Quest Vars, or Quest Variables are “If-then” statements in triggers. They are variables that can be created, checked, compared, and modified using triggers yeilding random values, dynamic events, statistics counters, and much more. Confused? Read this article.

Creating a Campaign by Kumar Shah – 8/24/03
Using XML to create campaigns.

Trigger Tutorial by PW_DarkKnight, xLpx, CheeZy monkey – 8/24/03
A large list of all of AOM’s conditions and effects, along with descriptions and trigger examples.

Using Animations by Kumar Shah – 8/23/03
Learn about animations and how to make use of them in your scenario.

Objectives Guide by CheeZy monkey – 8/23/03
Objectives are a necissary part in every scenario. Learn how they work and how to use them in your scenario.

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