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Welcome to the Basics section for the Scenario Editor. This is the perfect place to start for the people who are new with the AoM editor. Starting from the most basic concepts, once you are done with this section you would have the knowledge to create a complete playable, enjoyable good looking map. If you are totally new with the Editor, make sure to check out the Scenario Design Dictionary

Articles Under this Section:

How to take a screenshot by Mephiles

Mephiles explains how to take a proper screenshot in the editor and ingame.
Guide on How to Publish for the Steam Workshop (and Port Old Mods to AoMEE Extended Edition) by Android GRRR

All you need to know about getting published in the extended edition.
The 10 Commandments of Scenario Design by Yeebaagooon

Yeebaagooon goes into great depth and explains how following these 10 top tips can make your scenarios great. These tips are very important to consider when you start making your scenarios.
A Guide to Making Intro Cinematics Correctly Skippable by AoMPlayer000

AoMPlayer000 makes a great guide explaining how to correctly make introductive cinematics skippable.
Aurons Guide to Day to Night Cycles by Auron

Auron explains how to make a day-to-night cycle, if you want time to change during your scenario.
Dr.Nick's Variables Guide by Dr.Nick

Dr.Nick explains Variables in plain English
Dr.Nick's Newbie Guide to Triggers by Dr.Nick

Dr.Nick explains, in a very easy to read format, how triggers work
Making Fun RPGs by jonathan1222

RPG(Role-playing-game) scenarios/campaigns are no doubt the hardest to make, successfully, this guide will teach you how to make a successful RPG scenario/campaign.
Modifying Units by CheeZy monkey

Learn to use the Change Name and Modify Protounit effects, which allow you to change the name and statistics of your units
Hotkeys List by CheeZy monkey

This is a list of the hotkeys, or keyboard commands, you can use in the Editor. Study them carefully since hotkeys can really help you design better and help you use your time more efficiently.
The Titans Overview by CheeZy monkey

Learn about the new features introduced in The Titan's Map Editor
Elevations Guide by Kumar Shah

Elevation is a must-have for a good scenario. Hills and mountains are some of the most beatiful things you can make in the AOM editor, check out some simple elevation techniques in this Article.
Taking Screenshots by CheeZy monkey

How do I take a screenshot of my scenario and how do you remove the interface from your screenshot? If you don't know the answer to this question, read this article.
The Basics of Cinematics by CheeZy monkey

Learn how to use the Cinematic Editor to create cinematic tracks and use them in gameplay
Terrain Placement Guide by Kumar Shah

Learn about the basics of Terrain creation, shaping, and mixing to create more attractive maps.
Using the Terrain Tools by Kumar Shah

Learn what tools you need to use in the editor to develop the shape and environmnet of your map
Introduction to the Editor by CheeZy monkey

What is the Scenario Editor? How do I use it, what's it's purpose. Read this Article to Find out.

Lost? Confused? Need help? Visit our Scenario Design Rescources page for the best tools and utilities availible for the AOM editor.

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