Scenario Design Central: Map Design

Welcome to the Map Design Section of the Scenario Design Library. This section features articles specifically on enhancing the beauty and asthetic appeal of your scenarios. Learn how to make realistic cities, impresive landscapes, and the latest eye candy tricks.

How to create a good looking swamp! by Paperfriend – 9/26/03
Paperfriend explains in great depth how to create the perfect swamp.

Eye Candy Farms by godofexplosives – 10/18/03
This article shows off some pretty creative farms created by godofexplosives – the normal farms just can’t cut it 😉

Water Hills by Phatfish – 10/9/03
This is a really amazing trick you can do in AOM, with the water on hills trick you can make waterfalls (made of water) and rapids and loads of other things – a really amazing trick.

Overlapping Buildings – Advanced by CheeZy monkey – 9/26/03
Overlapping things in AOM can yield an almost infinite quantity of results. You aren’t limited in where you can put an object, what direction it faces, what axis it’s yawing on. This can make for some pretty interesting things. In this article, CheeZy monkey teaches you some more advanced tricks with Overlapping Buildings.

Overlapping Buildings – Basics by CheeZy monkey – 9/25/03
Map Copy -> Overlapping Buildings? Learn just how powerful AOM’s editor is by overlapping objects in AOM.