Scenario Design Library: RMS

Random Map Scripting, or RMS for short, isn’t a very easy. Unlike the Scenario Editor, there are no availible tools you can use to help you in your work. There is, however, this Article Library. If you are new to RM Scripting, there really is no other way to learn besides expiramentation and already having knowledge of a programing language. In this section however, you will learn to improve your techiques and explore the more powerful concepts and methods you can use in AOM RM scripting.

Trigonometry Functions by Wolfenhex – 12/15/03
A demonstration of Trigonometry functions in an RMS instead of lines and lines of If then statements.

Useful Resources by Matei – 9/12/03
A list of useful tools and resources that can be used in Random Map Scripting.

Advanced RMS: Part 1 – Introduction and Prerequisites by Matei – 9/12/03
This article introduces you to Random Map scripting and explains what the Advanced RMS article serries contains. Matei talks about some of the advanced features in the new scritping system AOM uses and how to make use of them in your Random Map Scripts.

Advanced RMS: Part 2 – Variables by Matei – 9/12/03
Matei explains Variables and how to use them to your advantage in RMS

Advanced RMS: Part 3 – Control Statements by Matei – 9/12/03
Control Statements are useful if you want to place an object 5 times for every player, or you want to do different things depending on which enviromnent you’ve randomly chosen, or you want to give players different units if they’re different civilizations. Learn more about them, here.

Advanced RMS: Part 4 – Functions by Matei – 9/21/03
Often you have a piece of code that you want to use several times, perhaps with slightly different parameters. For example, you might use some code to add a “send chat” trigger in various places in your script. To do this, you can define a function, which can be called later in the script and can be passed arguments to work with or can return a result value to wherever it was called.

Advanced RMS: Part 5 – Triggers in RMS by Matei – 9/21/03
A trigger is essentially a “rule” that has several conditions and several effects. If the trigger is active and all its conditions are true, then it will fire and perform its effects. Though Triggers belong to the scenario editor, they can also be used in RMS

Advanced RMS: Part 6 – Arrays by Matei – 9/21/03
In programming, an array is a kind of variable which stores multiple values under one name. For example, you might have an array of 10 integers called ar. Then you could write ar[1], ar[2], ar[3], etc to access each integer in the array. This feature is vital anywhere you might be dealing with multiple numbered objects – and a Random Map Script is such a place.

Advanced RMS: Part 7 – Math Functions by Matei – 9/21/03
Math functions in RMS, weeeee.