AoMH Staff Members

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These are the winged workers who keep Age of Mythology Heaven up to date and running smoothly. The staff at AoMH are organized into three simple groups: Angels, Cherubs and Seraphs. Angels are senior staff members who mainly deal with the main site. Cherubs generally moderate the forums and help the Angels run the site. Lastly, the Seraphs (webmasters) overview the staff members and take care of the most important aspects of the site.

(Seraph) Yeebaagooon

Duties: AoMH Seraph and Scenario Design Administrator

Steam Name: Yeebaagooon

Short Bio:

I have a fairly long history HeavenGames. My first staffing appointment was here at the wonderful AoMH – I held the post of scenario design administrator from 2007 to 2011.
That appointment went so well I eventually found myself in the executive committee of HeavenGames, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.
After a brief university hiatus, I could not resist coming back when I saw the news that AoM was finally getting an extended edition on steam. I even got the chance to participate in designing some of the campaign maps! I hope I can do my part to ensure this heaven stays active and the scenario design community continues to flourish.
In the realm of real life I’m a doctor having done most of my work in the UK, but also an excellent year in New Zealand. I’m now a GP (general practitioner/family medicine consultant).

(Cherub) nottud

Duties: AoMH Cherub and Forum Administrator

Steam Name: nottud


I first got into AOM from a present from my sister. I didn’t really like the standard game mode but instead I fell in love with the online unranked custom maps. Mainly played maps like Cat and Mouse, Bloodsport, and Mythodea. I was impressed by what those maps did so I had a go at making my own. My first success was “Pit of Death” involving players having minotaurs and trying to throw the others into a pit and by chance came across AOMH where someone had put it into the download section in my name for others to download and enjoy. I decided to create an account and started engaging with the community. I was young and excitable, but people somehow put up with me as I got known for making unusual maps and finding lots of tricks.
Fast forward a few years later and I now can make custom triggers, scenario style random maps, and editor modifications. My love for programming and tinkering has also led me following that field job wise – I got a degree in Computer Science and now currently have a Software Engineering job writing simulation and diagram parsing software in Java. Even now though I still look for opportunities to expand the capabilities and options for people making maps and break the bounds that were previously impossible. I have an external program “Kronny” for providing additional scenario editing functionality and still release new trigger packs adding new and exciting options.